How Often Can You Take Defensive Driving in Texas?

Getting a traffic ticket in texas

In Texas, a defensive driving course is a chance to officially clear a ticket with the state and even score a discount on your insurance. You can only use this lifeline once a year, but the good news is that you can now do the entire course online.

What Is a Defensive Driving Course?

If you find yourself in a defensive driving course, then you may have committed a traffic violation. Minor speeding offenses are the most popular infractions, but you can find yourself in a defensive driving course for a number of reasons. A defensive driving course is often a form of penance after an on-the-road mishap that helps you clear your ticket and restore your driving record. In many cases, it can even help you avoid a hike in your insurance premiums.

In a defensive driving course, you'll learn the skills you need to stay safe on the road, such as controlling your speed, planning for the unexpected, and respecting other drivers. However, it's about more than just honing your own skills; you'll also learn important things to watch out for in other drivers.

Do The Whole Defensive Driving Course Online, From Home

Taking defensive driving in Texas is extremely easy these days thanks to access to online courses. These let you log on from anywhere, at any time, and complete whatever court-mandated education you require. That saves time, money, and means you can clear your ticket right away — helping you avoid a warrant somewhere down the line.

Just make sure that you choose a course that's Texas-specific. Otherwise, you may miss out on important rules of the road specific to Texas' traffic laws. What's more, a defensive driving Texas online course can also provide real-world examples tailored to Texas' roads, which will be far more meaningful than a generic highway somewhere.

Pay attention, and you will learn things that could save your life. At the very least, the course will drive home the need to respect the traffic laws and take just a little more care behind the wheel. That's never a bad thing.

Can You Take More Than One Defensive Driving Class in Texas?

You can only clear one ticket a year with a defensive driving course in Texas, but you can take the course online and clear the ticket right now. And if you're reticent to get started, don't worry, as even big names in the auto industry have used the system to get out of trouble.

John Hennessey, head of tuning legend Hennessey Performance, isn't a stranger to defensive driving. “It’s not a big surprise I have done a defensive driving course or two," he said.  

Hennessey Performance is known for building the fastest production car in the world, so the fact that Hennessey may have been caught speeding shouldn't be a shocker. "It’s a good system, but it used to take time and the online option is much more convenient," he noted.