How Much Is Driver's Ed in Indiana?

For teens in Indiana, learning to drive is almost a necessity. Indiana’s public transportation infrastructure isn’t as extensive as cities like New York or Chicago. In Marion County, only 4% of residents live within a quarter-mile of a bus stop. In Indianapolis, less than 1% of commuters — that’s only around 9,000 people — commute by bus. Most people, therefore, rely on a car to get around.

So, the sooner your teen gets a driver’s license, the sooner they can get around independently. Fortunately, driver's education in Indiana is not as expensive as you may think.

The Cost of Driving Schools

In the past, driver's education was taught in most schools across the United States. Due to budget cuts, many schools dropped driver's ed from the curriculum. Parents stepped in and taught their kids to drive or hired a professional driving instructor. 

Paying for driving lessons was pricey and could cost up to $500 or more. Many low-income families couldn’t afford the cost of a driving school. These teens relied on their parents to teach them or waited until they were old enough to get a job to save up money for a driving school. Thanks to the internet, online driver's education was eventually introduced, which made the cost of teen driver's ed much more affordable.

How Much Does Online Drivers Ed Cost in Indiana?

Online driver's ed in Indiana is not only affordable but convenient. Studying online means you can study at your own pace across all devices. When choosing an Indiana online driving school, cost isn’t the only factor to consider. You must also make sure it meets the requirements of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

David Reischer, Esq., Traffic Law Expert at, explains that an approved driver education course in the state of Indiana for drivers that are 16 years of age requires:

  • Thirty hours of online or actual classroom time.

  • A minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

  • An additional fifty-hour driving log, regardless of whether the driver has taken a driver education course or not.

Scout around for a reputable driver's ed course that meets the above requirements. offers an Indiana driver's ed online course for $99.95. Students must be at least 15 years to complete online driver's ed in Indiana. Here are the benefits of taking a course:

  • Our course is approved by the Indiana BMV.

  • We have 25 years of experience in teaching driver's education.

  • is the only online school approved by the Road Safety Educators' Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas.

Don’t Risk Driving Without a Driver’s License in Indiana

With Indiana online driver's ed so affordable, there’s no reason for your teen to delay getting a driver’s license. Don't allow your teen to drive on their own before getting a license. If they are caught, there will be consequences. 

"In the state of Indiana, the act of driving without having received a state-issued driver's license is a class C misdemeanor conviction," said Reischer. "A class C misdemeanor conviction carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a maximum fine of $500. A person that is found guilty of a secondary or subsequent offense is guilty of a class A misdemeanor, and this can result in a maximum of one year of jail and a maximum fine of $5,000."

Today, teens can learn to drive quickly and at a low cost. The courses offer incredible value for money. Our teen driver's ed online course is affordable, convenient, and the fastest way to driving independence. Have your teen sign up today.