How Long Is Defensive Driving in Texas?

Looking to get a traffic ticket dismissed without having to leave your couch? Now you can with our Texas TDLR-approved defensive driving course. But how long is the course and what should you expect? Read on to learn all you need to know!

How Long Is a Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

A defensive driving course in Texas requires a minimum of six hours (16 Tex. Admin. Code § 84.502). The six hours consist of at least five hours of instruction along with at least one hour dedicated to breaks and the minimum course content topics. keep in mind that enrollment procedures or other administrative tasks don't count towards the time requirement. 

This means you can get the course done in as little as one day if you so choose!

What Does a Defensive Driving Course in Texas Cover?

A driving safety course (also referred to as a defensive driving course) is designed to help you become a more informed and aware driver. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths on the road, as well as to reduce the associated economic costs. 

According to Texas law, each defensive driving course must have a minimum of: 

  • 10 minutes introducing the course to the class.

  • 10 minutes addressing the traffic safety problem in the U.S. and Texas.

  • 10 minutes covering the factors that can influence driver performance (attitudes, habits, feeling, substances, physical condition, knowledge, etc.).

  • 50 minutes on traffic laws and procedures.

  • 15 minutes on special skills for difficult driving situations (traffic congestion, inclement weather, etc.).

  • 10 minutes on physical forces that influence the control of the driver and vehicle performance (traction, speed, etc.).

  • 20 minutes on perceptual skills and how they affect driving (hearing, touch, smell, reaction abilities, etc.).

  • 30 minutes on defensive driving strategies (planning ahead, anticipating actions of others, motorcycle awareness, etc.).

  • 20 minutes on driving emergencies and their countermeasures.

  • 15 minutes on seatbelts and protective equipment.

  • 40 minutes on alcohol and traffic safety.

  • 5 minutes on a comprehensive examination.

  • 65 minutes on minimum course content or additional topics that satisfy the objectives of the course.

The above topics complete the 360 minutes of required instruction. 

Why Do You Need to Take a Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

By taking a state- and court-approved defensive driving course and completing it with a 70% grade or better, you can receive a certificate that enables you to get a traffic ticket dismissed. This can help you to remove points from your Texas driving record while also helping to reduce your insurance premium cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

Can I Download My Defensive Driving Certificate of Completion?

The law requires course providers to send you your certificate of completion by mail. At, we mail the certificate to you as soon as you complete the course — at no charge.

Can My Defensive Driving Course Provider Mail the Court My Certificate?

Defensive driving course providers like us are not able to send your certificate to the court on your behalf, according to Texas state law. However, we will promptly mail you your certificate so you can provide it to the court as soon as possible. 

Where Can I Find a Certified Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

Ready to get started? provides a Texas TDLR-approved defensive driving course so you can get your traffic ticket dismissed ASAP. Take the course online and we'll send your certificate to you in the mail as soon as you pass. We offer a free course app so you can complete the training anytime from any device. 

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