How to Get a Free California Drivers Ed Test Prep

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Driving for your first time is very exciting. But there are some things you have to do before you can get behind the driver's seat. Most importantly, you have to be educated on the rules and know what you’re doing first.

For this reason, the California learner's permit and license test both require that you pass a written exam regarding the rules of the road, traffic signs, and driving laws. This is also called the “knowledge test.”

So how do you prepare for the California drivers ed test? What’s the secret to passing?

Free California Drivers Ed Test Prep

One way to prepare yourself for the knowledge test is to take a free online driver's ed (California) practice test. The California DMV has sample tests available on their website, or you can search a third-party website associated with the California DMV.

The DMV recommends reading the questions carefully, choosing the obvious answers (there aren’t any trick questions), and reviewing the California Driver Handbook before taking the pre-test. The California driver's handbook has all the information you need to know about California’s signs and traffic laws, and it's where the test-makers get all their questions from.

Online Drivers Ed

If you are under 17½ years old, you are required to complete a California drivers ed course that is DMV-approved. This course will go over all the information on the knowledge test, so after completing it, you should be able to pass the written test with ease.

California offers online driver's education as a way to fulfill your driver's ed class requirement. Online drivers ed courses are more convenient because you can schedule your classes in when it works best for you while working at your own pace.

In-Car Driving Lessons

Another important step to helping you pass the written test is practicing driving. California law requires you to complete six hours of a behind-the-wheel training program before you can get your permit. 

There are many in-car driving lessons that you can sign up for online. In the state of California, whether you choose to do your driver's ed online or not, you can still sign up for your in-car lessons online.

Passing Requirements and Study Tips

To pass the knowledge test, you must answer 38 out of 46 questions correctly (or 30 out of 36 if you are over 18). This will give you the 83% passing score that is required by California law. The questions are all multiple-choice format.

All of the questions on the test are pulled from the California Driver Handbook, so make sure to study that material even after taking your online driver's ed course and completing your in-car lessons. If you fail the knowledge test the first time, you can take it again after seven full days. 

You are allowed to take the test up to three times a year. If you don't pass after three tries, you will need to reapply for your permit with a new payment.

Final Prep for Your Test

Following these steps will fully prepare you for the written test:

  • Taking your online driver's ed course or in-person driver's ed.

  • Completing at least six hours of in-car lessons with an instructor.

  • Studying the California Drivers Handbook.

  • Remaining calm and choosing the best possible answer for each question.

If you do all of these things, the test should be fairly easy and nothing to worry about. The things that are already required of you, such as the CA online driver's ed program, will be the best thing to prepare you for the exam and for driving a car when the time comes.