Be safe on July 4th while having a ball

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This July 4th there are a ton of ways to have ball  that will keep you safe and won’t put you in danger of killing someone while driving drunk (yes, that’s harsh, but it’s true).

Whether or not you’ve taken driver’s ed , you probably know that drunk driving is illegal. No one ever actually plans to drive under the influence, but it happens a lot, especially during the holidays. In 2011, drunk driving caused the deaths of 161 people in motor traffic crashes during the July 4th holiday, between the evening of July 1st through the early morning of July 5th.

150 people died on July 4th in 2010

The numbers are frightening, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck watching the fireworks on TV. This year, there are lots of ways to celebrate, whether or not you plan to drink. You can keep it cozy by firing up the barbecue in your own backyard, and follow it with some red, white and blue  treats . For big blasts and dazzle, checkout local freebies like parades and fireworks.   If you’re not in walking distance of the fun–and want to have some drinks–find a way to get there that won’t require you driving. Plan your sober strategy in advance. You can take  public transportation , ask a very responsible friend drive you, take a cab, or stay at a hotel near the party.

July 4th Firecracker Treats

Even if you’ve only had a little to drink, there’s a chance your driving could be impaired enough to cause an accident. And with maximum officers patrolling the roads with sobriety checkpoints, you could be fined or arrested if your blood alcohol concentration is close to the legal limit.

In addition to avoiding dangerous behavior, you can also help your community by identifying drunk drivers.

If you saw someone about to shoot your neighbor, you’d probably call the police right? Well drunk drivers are like a loose cannon on the road, so if you want to potentially save lives, program the number of your local police station into your phone, and use it when you suspect a drunk driver is on the road.

For more tips checkout the “ Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over ” campaign by The National Highways and Transit Agency.