How to Apply for an Indiana Hardship License

Are you working on getting your driver's license in Indiana but need it now? In some situations, the state will waive age, experience, or driving hour requirements so that applicants can legally drive right away. Learn more about the Indiana Hardship Waiver and when it applies below. 

What Is the Indiana Hardship Waiver?

In Indiana, if you are under 21 years old and want to apply for a probationary license, you first need to have a learner's permit for 180 days and you must complete 50 hours of certified driving. You'll also need to be at least 16 years and 90 days old if you've taken a driver's education course, or 16 years and 270 days old if you haven't.

The Indiana Hardship waiver is a form you can fill out and submit if you want to request that one or more of those requirements be waived due to a hardship you are facing. If approved, the state will waive up to six months of experience or age requirements and/or the 50 required hours of practice driving. 

When Do You Qualify for a Hardship Waiver?

You can qualify for a hardship waiver under two circumstances. 

1. Your Driving Is Required for the Medical Care of a Household Member

In this case, you must be the only licensed driver in your household and someone in your household must need you to drive them to receive medical care. A household member must also own or lease a registered motor vehicle. When applying, you'll need to include a letter from the physician who is caring for your household member that explains their need for medical care. 

2. You Are the Primary Breadwinner and Have No Other Mode of Transportation

In this case, you must be the main source of income for your household. Additionally, you can't have access to public transportation or transportation via anyone else in the home to get you to and from work. When applying for this reason, you'll need a letter from your employer that verifies you are employed and explains how often you work. 

Note, if your driving privileges are or have been revoked, suspended, or canceled, you cannot apply for a hardship waiver. You also need to be at least 15 years and 270 days old when you apply for your license

How to Apply for the Indiana Hardship Waiver

To apply for the Indiana Hardship Waiver, you'll need to download and fill out State Form 28622. Be sure to attach the required documentation and then send it to the BMV address at the top of the form. If you are approved, the BMV will send you the waiver. You then take that to the BMW branch when you apply for your probationary license. 

What if You Don't Qualify for the Hardship Waiver?

If you don't qualify for the hardship waiver, the quickest way for a new driver to earn their license is to take a driver's education course. In fact, 16-year-olds can get their licenses about six months earlier by successfully completing one. But where do you go? With, taking the course is easier than ever as you can complete the 30 hours of classroom training online. Then, you'll just have six hours of behind-the-wheel training to do, and you'll be all set. 

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