Getting Your Vehicle Registered in Pennsylvania

Vehicle Registered in Pennsylvania

Renewing your vehicle registration in Pennsylvania is fast and easy if you are eligible for online renewal. Even if you cannot renew online, Pennsylvania registration can also be done by mail, by using a PennDOT Online Messenger service, or in-person at a Pennsylvania DMV service center.  

Online PA Registration Renewal 

If your car is already registered in Pennsylvania, you will receive a renewal notice by mail with instructions on how to renew online. For online registration renewal in Pennsylvania, you need:

•    vehicle license plate number

•    title number (found on old registration card)

•    odometer reading

•    proof of insurance

You also need a valid credit card for payment and access to a printer. When renewing online, you must print out your permanent registration certificate and a receipt for payment of fees when you are done with your transaction. PennDOT does not send out registration cards by mail to customers who renew online. You are responsible for printing the card. 

PA Registration Fees 

The cost of registering a vehicle in Pennsylvania and obtaining your PA registration sticker depends on the gross weight of the car or truck. Most passenger cars and light trucks weigh under 5,000 pounds, and the one-year fee for registering a vehicle of this weight is $62.00. Some local counties charge additional fees. Check at the PennDOT website for a list of these additional fees. 

Retired individuals who have a total annual income under $19,200 per year can apply for a reduced vehicle registration fee of $10 per year. The person must be receiving Social Security or SSI payments or another retirement or pension benefit or annuity to qualify for this reduced fee. 

To apply for the retired vehicle registration rate, visit the PennDot website and downloading form MV-371 and attach it to your registration renewal form with a payment of $10.

Optional Two-Year Vehicle Registration 

Pennsylvania residents have the option of renewing their vehicle registration for two years instead of one year for most vehicle types. When first registering a car or truck in Pennsylvania, drivers can elect either the one-year or two-year renewal option. Eligible drivers can also opt-in to two-year registration any time they are renewing. 

Look for notification on DMV registration renewal status notices received by mail indicating eligibility for renewing for two years. The cost of renewing for two years is twice the cost for a one-year renewal. 

It is important to report any change of address to PennDOT within 15 days when moving so that renewal notices are received promptly. Changes of address can be reported by mail using form MV-63 or through the Pennsylvania DMV website. Once the form is received, an updated registration card is mailed to the new address. 

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