Gadgets and Tech for Your Car to Make You a Safer Driver

Driver's ed helps you understand the rules of the road and stay safe behind the wheel, but how can you take driver safety a step further? Many inventions are now available that can actually help make you a safer driver. This can not only save you money on insurance and damages but will protect you, your loved ones, and others on the road. So what gadgets and gizmos should you consider? Here's a quick list of our top picks for 2020.

4 Safety Gadgets and Tech for Your Car 

1. Heads Up Display (HUD)

Do you ever find your speedometer or GPS distracts you while driving? A heads up display helps to solve that problem. It's a technology that projects important information, like your speed and driving directions, in your line of sight. This way, you never have to look away from the road.

But how does it work? Some newer vehicles have the tech built-in. For those that don't, you can buy a HUD for your vehicle. HUDs typically use a dedicated device or your smartphone as the projector and display the image onto your windshield or a piece of glass. It also looks pretty cool!

2. Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring

Keeping your tire pressure at the right level is another important part of staying safe on the road. When the pressure in one of your tires gets too low, it increases friction and causes the tire to heat up. This can lead to premature wear, tread separation, and a blowout. 

If your vehicle doesn't have real-time pressure monitoring, you may not realize something is wrong until it's too late. That is —  unless you install a system yourself. For less than $100, you could pick up a tire monitoring system that includes a sensor for each tire and the monitor. You simply pair the sensors to the monitor and then can get real-time information and alerts on your tire pressure. Bye-bye surprise blowouts!

3. Breathalyzers

Next, drinking and driving accounts for about a quarter of traffic-related deaths in the U.S. But drivers are allowed to drive after drinking as long as they are of legal age and have a blood alcohol content(BAC) at or under 0.08%. The problem is, how do you know when you've crossed the line? It's a dangerous gamble that could cost you your license or worse. 

If you do partake in an occasional drink before driving, it's wise to keep a breathalyzer in your vehicle. There are many options on the market ranging from around $25 to $200, with the more expensive products being DOT and NHTSA-approved. This little gadget can help ensure you never drive when you're BAC is too high. 

4. Driver Monitoring Systems

One new advancement in 2020 isdriver monitoring systems. These use cameras to track facial behavior such as blink rates, yawning, and eye movement. If a driver's eyes aren't on the road, the system may alert you, call assistance, or pull over when safe. These systems are expected to become the new norm in cars soon, so be on the lookout next time you upgrade your vehicle.

Safe Driving Starts with Knowledge

Technology is continuing to advance, which can help us all stay safer on the road, but good driving starts with understanding the rules. While it may seem like common sense, laws on the road vary by state and aren't always intuitive. Taking a driver's ed course will ensure you know what to do in almost any situation you may encounter, protecting yourself and others. Further, it can help you save on your insurance and is now available completely online!

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