Drive Safer Memorial Day to Labor Day: What to Stow Before You Go

By Rachel Morey

Anyone who’s suffered from sunburn after a sunscreen-free day on the beach understands the value of being prepared. While your body needs certain supplies to get you safely and happily through a day of outdoor summer fun, your vehicle also needs a few things to get it through common problems you’ll encounter on the road.

A dead battery could cost you an expensive tow bill and the need for a ride home unless you have jumper cables and a friend who’s willing to hang back, pop the hood of their car, and give you some assistance. And surely you remembered to pack your audio cable (because what’s a day at the beach without music?), so where are your jumper cables?

You’ll feel as naked in the driving rain trying to figure out why your car died without a rainproof poncho as you’ll feel standing in the concession line without your beach coverup. Do yourself a favor and pack both things.

By thinking about what to pack for your car as you think about packing for yourself, you could save yourself from a costly breakdown all while packing the most necessary beach essentials. It's time to drive safer Memorial Day to Labor Day -- and stress-free.

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Editor's Note: This is the final post in a four-part series, "Drive Safer Memorial Day to Labor Day," which focuses on keeping teens safe on the road this summer. Read our first post here, our second here, and our third here. Visit for the best road courses in America.

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