DMV Sample Tests Help You Pass the DMV Written Test

When you get a driver’s license, you first have to pass a written test and then a driving test. DMV sample tests give you the practice you need to pass the written test on your first attempt.

Using the DMV Handbook with DMV Sample Tests

Each state DMV issues its own Driver Handbook through its local field offices. This handbook is also available for free download at most DMV websites by creating a free account at the site. 

You can also pick up a free, paper copy of this handbook at a DMV office. Reviewing the DMV Handbook for your state is one way of gaining the knowledge you need to pass the written DMV drivers test. 

Even if you decide to practice with online sample tests, you may find it useful to review a hard copy of this booklet. All of the information for passing the written test is contained in this handbook. 

Taking Online DMV Sample Tests for Practice

The DMV written test generally contains between 30 and 46 questions, depending on the age of the person taking the test. Tests for drivers under age 18 usually include more questions than tests for older drivers. DMV written tests examine your knowledge of traffic signals, road signs, and driving rules as covered in the DMV Handbook. 

DMV practice written tests are available at most state DMV websites and through many third-party sites associated with state DMV offices. DMV sample tests ask similar and sometimes the exact same DMV questions and answers as those on the test given at the office, covering traffic signals, road signs, and driving rules. 

Practice permit tests often give you a hint along with an explanation of why the rule applies to help you retain this information. Passing the test isn’t the only reason for remembering these driving rules: Following driving rules is your legal responsibility, and it keeps you and others safe on the road. 

After practicing with the DMV sample tests, make an appointment at a nearby DMV to take the written test. In many locations, the multiple-choice test is now given on a touchscreen. You can usually retake the test up to three times without paying an additional fee. 

If you are under 17-and-a-half years old, you will need to provide proof of enrollment or completion of a state accredited driver’s education program when you take the DMV written test. 

DMV Sample Tests and Browser Compatibility

Motor vehicle departments offering free, online DMV practice tests often require a specific browser to access the test. Without the correct browser, pop-up answers may not appear, or responses may be incorrectly indicated as wrong or right. 

Before using a DMV practice test online, check the website offering the test and see which browsers are compatible. If you do not have the correct browser, you may be able to download one for free. Or, use another computer or a computer at a library or other public place installed with the correct software.

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