4 Steps to Passing Your Texas Drivers Exam

taking the driving exam

Getting your Texas driver's license is a privilege and a responsibility. As young drivers embark on their education, there are many tips and precautions they can take to have successful and safe driving habits.  

The state of Texas requires new drivers to take an approved class that consists of at least 32 hours of instruction. In addition, outside of those 32 hours, seven hours of in-car training with proper observation is required.

Veteran driving instructor and driver's license test examiner Mike Lazo, an integral part of the driver's training team at Texas Driving School in Corpus Christie, gave some great advice on how to pass the Texas driver's license test with flying colors. His most important tips? Choosing the correct driver's training, paying close attention to your instructor, practicing as much as you can behind the wheel, and focusing in on your exam. 

These four steps will ensure your success on the Texas driving test.

1. Choose the Right Driver's Training

Lazo says that when looking for a great online Texas driving school, it's important to find ones with real instructors. Online classes are guided, but most of the responsibility is on you to complete the course correctly since there is not an instructor in the room with you to keep you on task.

"I would make sure that there would be a real person available that they can make contact with and communicate with in real life for questions," he said. "Make sure there is a verified phone number for authenticity as well."

2. Pay Attention In Class

Online classes are convenient, but they often miss the human element that helps people retain information. Lazo recommends attending an in-person driving school. 

“It seems to me that perhaps students aren’t following all of the instructions that they are given through the online courses," he said. "So pay close attention. Many times they don’t have the entire program completed when they come in to take the test."

3. Drive!

If you don't practice, you won't pass your driver's test. As an examiner, Lazo says that the key to passing is focus. "Pay attention to your weaknesses as a driver and then work on them before the test." He adds that things like parallel parking often go neglected in out-of-classroom courses, so pay special attention to skills that require more practice.

4. Focus on Exam Curriculum

The Texas driver's license test is about more than just driving. You'll also need to pass the Texas Department of Public Safety Road Signs and Road Rule’s written examinations, which covers a lot of the rules of the road. Study up on these parts thoroughly before writing your test.

Passing your Texas driver's license test requires patience, focus, and as Lazo said above, attention. Go through your proper training with an accredited driver's school. Utilize online resources, make sure to retain the information you learn, and you'll have your license in your hand in no time!