• International visitors who want to be able to drive during their stay in Minnesota should be aware of state-specific traffic rules and road signs. If you are coming to Minnesota for a short visit and are not planning to work in the state you can use your international license for driving and identification purposes. However, if you take employment in the state or meet the requirements of Minnesota residency, you will be required to surrender your current license and apply for a new Minnesota driver's license at a DPS office. Depending on the country that issued your license, you may be required to take additional written and driving tests before you can receive a valid Minnesota driver's license. The written test will assess your knowledge of traffic regulations and road signs and may include state-specific information. To find out if any tests can be waived, please call a Department of Public Safety office.

    AmericaDrives.com offers a comprehensive guide for all newcomers and visitors who want to get an update on driving regulations in the United States The course provides extensive information on vital issues such as licensing and vehicle registration. Moreover, the course prepares you for the DPS written examination. And the greatest thing of all - you can take the course from your home country, before you come to the United States. All materials are provided online, so you can take the course from the comfort of your home and be fully prepared when you actually get out on the road.

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