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Okay, everybody, it’s time for a quick quiz! Once again, who needs to wear a seat belt in the car? Right, all the passengers! Including your furry friends, if you live in New Jersey. New Jersey lawmakers have proposed a law that would require drivers to either crate or buckle in their animals while driving, which will ensure safety for pets and their owners. All the violators will be fined $20 and face a charge of animal cruelty!


45% of the registered voters of the state of New Jersey support the law, agreed that unrestrained pets can be a distraction to drivers and can get easily injured. By AAA statistics there are approximately 30.000 collisions caused by unrestrained pets in the car occur each year. Especially risky and potentially hazardous can be driving the car with the pets on your lap: it impedes a driver’s ability to respond immediately to road emergency situations.

Well, if you like the idea of keeping yourself and your pet safe and you do not live in New Jersey, don’t worry, there are a lot of dog restraint systems available for sale online and in stores across the U.S, so you can enhance the safety level for yourself, your passengers, and your fluffy darlings regardless of the place you live.

Whether your dog is a 200-pound Great Dane or 2-pound Chihuahua, there is a choice of dog’s seat belt options in every possible price range.

Harness — clips into the car’s seat belt; fits all but the largest breeds

Dog Harness_1


Booster Seat — for small and medium-sized dogs; can be very luxurious and even double-sized for two dogs

Dog Harness 2


Dog Carrier — serves double duty as a regular carrier and clips into car’s seat belt as a pet restraint

Dog Harness 3


Cylindrical Car Kennel — clips onto headrest; is collapsible for carrying

Dog Harness 4

Auto Barrier — sets up in the back seat or cargo area of a vehicle

Dog Barrier

“Dogs should be free,” say some. Otherwise there is no chance to witness the priceless moments of their cute fluffy faces, sticking out the open windows.

Do you think that car harness is a good idea for your pet?