Car Upgrades for Road Trips

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Professional road travelers have their cars prepared for any road situation, for road trips around the country or even around the world . With a couple of simple adjustments, a regular vehicle can turn into a cozy living room, a kitchen, or mighty and fearless beast that can overcome all the rockiest roads, swamps, and suspension bridges. Car modifications usually depend on the destinations and road conditions that you will encounter, as well as the length of time you are planning to spend in your automobile. Some car upgrades for road trips are amazingly ingenious and complex. Others are pretty simple but surely helpful on an out-of-town adventure.

Experienced travelers do incredible things with their vehicles , making the car into real home with all necessities and conveniences.

But if you are not a frequent traveler and don’t have an extra car to make into a touring vehicle, maybe you will be interested in some simpler modifications.

For occasional trips, barbecue parties under the trees of national parks, spontaneous camping, and long out-of-town walks with your pets, you might need just a couple of pieces of innovative car devices.

If the trunk is already full, and you still have a troop of bags that have to go with you, you can attach this roomy car back carrier to the back of your vehicle.

carrier car upgrades for road trips

car upgrades for road trips: carrier

If your car doesn’t allow you to attach a carrier to the back of your car or you don’t like how it looks, you can easily relocate the carrier to the roof and use it as a car top carrier .

rooftop carrier car upgrades for road trips

car top car upgrades for road trips

If you’re expecting to spend a night in deserted area, or simply don’t have a lot of space at the campground, the truck tent can come in handy.

car upgrades for road trips with truck tent

car upgrades for road trips with hatchback tent

And, of course, if you want to make your dog’s life easier, you should definitely use the dog ramp . They are vet-recommended and claimed to reduce joint and back strain for pets and pet owners alike.

car upgrades for road trips for pets

car upgrades for road trips for dogs