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DPS Learners Permit Requirements

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Like other states, the journey to a driver's license in Texas starts at the learners permit. Officially known as a learner license in the Lone Star State, the permit allows Texas teens to practice their driving skills in preparation for an unrestricted Texas driver's license.

How to Earn a Texas Learners Permit

Texans can apply for their learner license as young as 15 years old - but first they must enroll in a state-approved driver's education course. To apply, Texas teens must complete at least the first 6 hours of a 32-hour TDLR-approved Texas driver's education course. Once that requirement is fulfilled, they can now head to their local Texas Driver License Office and apply for a learner license.

DPS Requirements for License Application

When you head to the DPS to apply for your learner license, make sure you bring the following:

  • Proof of driver's education enrollment or completion (such as a Certificate of Partial Course Completion)
  • A completed Application for Driver License form (DL-14A), including a parent or guardian's signature
  • Verification of enrollment and attendance in high school.
  • Two forms of proof verifying Texas residency
  • Proof of identity
  • Your Social Security Card (or any proof of your Social Security)
  • Any required licensing fees and payment

Upon presenting these documents, teens will then be required to pass a DPS knowledge test. This is a 40-question, multiple-choice exam covering basic road signs and road rules - you must score at least 70% to pass and be issued a learner license. While most people can take this in person at the Driver License Office, students currently enrolled in the Texas online driver's ed can take the DPS knowledge test online for free - it's included in the package!

How to Graduate up to a Provisional License

Once you have received your Texas learner license, you must complete a 7-hour in-car driving course and 7 hours of in-car driving observation. After six months of holding a learner license and 30 hours of behind-the-wheel training, you'll finally be able to graduate up to a provisional license upon passing the in-car driving test.