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To earn a drivers license in your state, you will need to complete an application form with the required licensing fee and visit your DMV, BMV, RMV, or MVA office. You may be refused a license if you do not meet certain requirements (e.g., if you are not old enough to drive). You will have to provide a proof of your full legal name, age, and Social Security number with the application form. Also, you will have to pass vision, written, and driving tests given by your agency. Your parent or guardian has to co-sign the application if you are under 18.

There is a special license called a Learners Permit (also known as an Instruction Permit in some states), which allows you practice driving with another adult driver before you are ready for your driving test. You get the Learners Permit after passing a written test. With a Learners Permit, you are not permitted to drive alone even when you are driving to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the driving test.