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Trolley near the road

Light rail vehicles or trolleys have the same rights and responsibilities on public roadways as other vehicles. Although everyone must follow the same traffic laws, trolleys require exceptional handling ability because of their size.


  • Be aware of where trolleys operate.
  • Never turn in front of an approaching trolley.
  • Be aware that buildings, trees, etc. cause blind spots for the trolley operator.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the trolley if it shares a street with vehicular traffic.
Light rail train

Look for approaching trolleys before you turn across the tracks. If there is a crossing signal, complete your turn only if the signal indicates that you may proceed.

San Francisco cable car

Trolleys can interrupt traffic signals; do not proceed forward until the signal light indicates that it's okay. Do not turn in front of a light rail vehicle.

Light rail diagram

In the given example, the car and the motorcycle have to wait until the light rail gets out of the way. The motorcycle goes next because it is going straight, followed by the black car which is making a left turn.