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IPDE Process and Defensive Driving

Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute (IPDE): This is the step-by-step process behind the principles of defensive driving and complexities of visual perception in traffic. Driving is such a regular part of our lives that we're often figuratively asleep at the wheel. IPDE is an organized thinking and acting process that you should use over and over again when you are driving.

The four steps of the IPDE process are:

  • I—Identify—Locate potential hazards within the driving scene.
  • P—Predict—Judge where the possible points of conflict may occur.
  • D—Decide—Determine what action to take, when, and where to take it.
  • E—Execute—Act by maneuvering the car to avoid conflicts.

IPDE can help you avoid collisions. Take a moment to think through the IPDE process and how you should use it while driving. IPDE can help you become a defensive driver.