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One-way street

One-way streets are common in city areas. You will recognize one-way streets from the signs and markings on the road. Broken white lines separate traffic lanes on one-way streets. You will not see yellow markings on a one-way street.

When driving on one-way streets with multi-lanes, always choose the lane with fewest hazards. Middle lanes usually have the best flow. Follow the speed limit and maintain a speed consistent with the traffic flow.

If you encounter an oncoming vehicle (going the wrong way on one-way street), don't panic. Slow down and try to get the drivers attention by flashing your headlights and honking your horn loudly. If this does not work, pull over and let it pass.

One-way street

When exiting a one-way street, look for signs which will indicate whether you are turning into a one-way or a two-way street. Use right lanes for making right turns and left lanes for making left turns. U-turns are not allowed on one-way streets.