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You earned your driving license! Now you are ready to travel and explore! Be aware that road conditions differ from each other and the techniques and skills that you can apply to driving in the city may not help much when you happen to be driving in the countryside or on a highway. Read the following chapter to get to know about the potential traps and traits of urban driving and handling the road in rural areas and freeways.

City driving is known for low speed limits and plenty of obstacles that you can encounter on your way, such as parked cars that obscure the view, pedestrians, bicyclists, school zones, loading trucks, motorcyclists and congested roads during the rush hour.

Rural roads are full of unpaved surfaces and a lot of surprises, such as livestock crossing areas and farm vehicles, unmarked driveways and farm entrances, rough road conditions and similarity of the landscape that can cause “highway hypnosis.”

Freeway driving involves high speeds and demands extra attentiveness from a driver. Don't try to avoid one or another type of the road, but learn how to handle it and get to the road fully prepared. If you will go through the following chapters you will find tips and rules of driving on different types of the roads.

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