• So what do you need to know as a new resident driver in the state of Texas?

    For one thing, if you're new to the state and you plan to drive, you have 30 days from your initial day of entry to obtain a Texas drivers license.

    If you already have a license from another state and you're at least 18 years old, you will need to do the following when applying for a drivers license:

    • Provide your Social Security Number.
    • Show proof of identity.
    • If you own a vehicle, provide proof that it is registered in TX and that you carry sufficient liability insurance.
    • Complete the required forms and pay the necessary fee.
    • Take a vision examination.
    • Surrender your previous out-of-state license.

    If your previous out-of-state drivers license has already expired, you will also need to take both a written and a driving exam.

    If you're under 18 and hold a valid out-of-state license or permit, you will also need to do the following in additional to the requirements listed above:

    • Provide proof of current school enrollment/attendance or a high school diploma/GED.
    • Show proof of completion of a drivers education course.

    More information for new residents can be found on the Texas DPS New Residents site.

    Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the TX DPS. You can visit the TX DPS website or call 1-512- 424-2600 for the drivers license customer service.

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