Check out the new car wraps on’s training vehicles!

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As you probably already know, went through a massive upgrade . We made all our online courses compatible with mobile and tablet devices, updated graphics and animations in the courses, and redesigned our whole website. While we were at it, we also prettied up our BMW MINI Cooper and Countryman training vehicles with some new car wraps!

If you’re curious about how a vehicle gets wrapped, take a look at the step-by-step transformation of one of our MINI Coopers.

printing new car wraps

1. Printing out the graphics created by our awesome designers.

bumper wrap in progress

2. Pieces are taped roughly in place.

closeup of car wrap

3. A closer look at the adhesive vinyl wrap. Sticky!

front bumper detailing

4. Doing some detailing on the bumper. The left fog light is saying, “Hey, let me outta here!”

smoothing the wrap

5. Applying a little heat to help stretch and smooth the vinyl.

complete car wrap

6. And… it’s a wrap! We love our bright, shiny MINI Cooper!

We’re just beaming with pride over our big MINI makeover. The new car wraps feature’s new logo and colors. We put large, clear lettering on the vehicle’s sides and rear to let other drivers know that a student driver is behind the wheel. The bright-orange highlights also increase the car’s visibility.

If you want to drive one of our MINIs around town, then you should sign up for in-car lessons with us! One of our patient, friendly, and professional instructors will to teach you all the driving maneuvers and techniques you need to know.

All our training vehicles are BMW MINI Cooper or Countryman cars. We choose these great cars for all our lessons because they’re safe, compact, and easy to maneuver. And now they look fantastic too!