Modern Art and Cars: Autoportraits

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Vladimir Nikolic is a Serbian artist whose work brings modern art and cars together. His photographs, video clips and installations are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. One of his art projects is called Autoportraits. And guess what it’s about? Right, it’s all about cars and self-portraits.

The young artist says that he gets inspiration from daily things and likes working with mundane objects and simple materials, so it’s no wonder that he was inspired by cars . The artist produced the series of collages by photographing the old cars with distinctive dents and scratches and then imitating the cars’ “facial expressions”.

So, do you think they look alike?

modern art and cars
modern art and cars project
Vladimir Nikolic's artwork

Nikolic’s Autoportraits first came out in 2001. Eleven years later, the artist was invited to the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart to make a new chapter of Autoportraits, but this time with elegant, shiny and vintage Mercedes autos.

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