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You’ve been waiting basically forever for this awesome moment: the moment when you finally get your drivers license. When you have finally passed your drivers education course , finished all your driving lessons , and aced your test. When you can finally go off campus for lunch, drive to the mall without your mom, or start planning your very first road trip. When you are finally #FreeToDrive .

Now that you’ve earned your license, it’s time to celebrate! Post a photo or video of your #FreeToDrive moment so everyone can celebrate with you.

We’ll feature your submission in our gallery and you might even get featured on the or I Drive Safely website (with your permission, of course)!

Celebrate your #FreeToDrive moment #FreeToDrive PDF link

  1. Snap a photo or make a 15-second video that shows what it’s like to be free to drive!
  2. Post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t forget the #FreeToDrive hashtag.
  3. Check out the gallery below and share with your friends!

Some rules are meant to be broken, but not these:

  • Use the #FreeToDrive banner in your photo or video so everyone knows what it’s all about.
  • Your privacy is important! Don’t use your drivers license or any personal identification information in your photo or video or it will be removed.
  • Check out the full terms and conditions before you share your photo or video. We reserve the right to delete submissions from the gallery.
  • If you see something in the gallery that violates the terms and conditions, report it to and we’ll look into it.

And an important reminder…
No selfies while driving! After all the hours it took to earn your license, you definitely don’t want to blow it by doing something stupid like crashing your car because of distracted driving. If you have to use your cell phone, pull over or do it before you start the car.

So now that you’re licensed and #FreeToDrive, get out there and hit the streets! We’ll see you on the road.

Still need to earn your license?

Get started with drivers education from I Drive Safely and then take in-car lessons with ! You’ll be on the road in no time.

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