8 Ways to Celebrate Your Driver’s Ed Success on Social Media

When you pass drivers ed, how do you celebrate? After all, you’ve spent hours studying and practicing, waiting for the freedom to be your own driver. And, we know–that freedom is AMAZING. It’s also a big feat to accomplish, and gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate. Why not celebrate yourself on social media?

To give you some inspiration, we want to share a few of our favorite drivers ed posts from teens like yourself across the country. Then, when you hit the roads, you ’ll know how to celebrate it with your friends–online and offline.

8 Ways to Brag About Your New License

The first thing you want to do is show off your license on social media. You worked hard for it, so do it. Just make sure that your information is not easy to read.

Then, use some of the hashtags below to share your mad driving skillz with the world.

1. Show it off

Like they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! This is definitely one of those occasions where you want to show off your hard work.

The image posted below is a great way to show off your license. Just make sure you do not share your driver’s license information, or you could be at risk for identity theft.

Now you just need to find a cute police officer statue (below) to pose with for your photo.

Hashtags: #driverslicense, #driverspermit, #stayofftheroad, #driverslessons, #newdriver #teenager


2. Do you like my new car?

One of the best ways to show off your new drivers’ license is right next to your new partner on the road–your vehicle. Fortunately, these parents agreed with the idea.

Hashtags: #teendriver #driversseat #stayofftheroad #zoomzoom #pedaltothemetal


3. Uh oh! Another teen driver’s on the loose!

It’s okay to be cool with a teen driver on the loose. Go a little crazy and give us your best pose!

Hashtags: #16yearolddriver, #teendriverontheloose, #teendriver #sharingtheroad #drivesafely, #drivingtest


4. Can I also get a motor bike?

Once you get your driver’s license, you might as well go for your motorcycle license. Laws vary from state to state. Most require you to be 16 and have a driver’s license. However, many states raised the age to 18 or 21.

Hashtags: #16yearolddriver, #motorbike, #driversed


5. Sweet driver’s license cake!

What goes great with turning 16 and getting a driver’s license? Cake! That is what makes this celebration so awesome!

Hashtags: #omg, #teendriver, #driverslicense, #cake, #yummy, #driversed, #drivingtest, #driversprep


6. #victorydance

What would a driver’s license be without a little bit of dancing? Nothing! That is what it would be if you asked the newest member of the driving club rocking it out to Justin Bieber.

Hashtags: #victorydance, #teendriver, #driverseat

7. New driver kits

Capture7 The next way to celebrate your new-found freedom is with a driver’s kit for your new car. Ask your parent for a kit, so you are prepared for those long road trips and nighttime drives.

Hashtags: #teendriver #sharingtheroad #drivesafely #testquestions #driversed #drivingtest #driversprep #driversseat

8. Let’s take this license off road

What better way to celebrate your driver’s license than to (safely) take a turn at an off-road vehicle? Now that you have your license, it’s time to explore all it can do for you!

Hashtags: #teendriver, #offroad, #drivesafely, #driversseat



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