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  • Videos, animations, and activities engage students in the learning experience
  • Postcourse resources keep drivers informed and confident
  • Pass your final exam at home

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    Earn Your License with Minnesota Teen Drivers Ed for Homeschoolers

    Our Minnesota teen drivers ed course is the most convenient and effective way for homeschoolers to learn the rules of the road and earn a Minnesota drivers license!

    Required by the DPS for teens under 18, Minnesota teen drivers education prepares you for the permit test and in-car lessons. Our book course is approved by the DPS for 100% homeschooled students only.

    Note: Students who attend an online school or charter school, or students who are homebound, do not meet the definition of homeschooled and are not eligible for this course.

    How It Works

    If you're under 18, you have to take drivers ed to earn your license. Our Minnesota teen drivers ed book course is DPS approved for homeschooled students and fulfills the requirement for 30 hours of classroom instruction. Take the first step toward your license: Order our book course now!

    • Learn traffic rules and prepare for the permit test
    • Get a DPS-accepted Certificate of Completion—mailed for free!
    • Earn a 10% discount on auto insurance
    • Optional: Earn half (0.5) Carnegie Unit toward high school graduation
    • Get 50 free online practice permit tests
    • Free customer service support available 24/7

    Once you finish drivers education, we'll send you a DPS-recognized Certificate of Completion for the course. But before you can start driving lessons, you'll still have to pass the written permit test on traffic laws and signs.

    Our curriculum covers everything on the DPS permit test and more. Our clear and straightforward course material helps you understand and remember the information you need to be a safe driver. Plus, you get 50 free online practice permit tests to help you prepare for the test!

    • Learn defensive driving techniques
    • Earn an insurance discount of up to 10%
    • MN teen drivers ed for $99—no hidden fees

    Collisions can cost money and lives. We've been teaching for over 25 years, and we're the authority on drivers ed and traffic safety. Our Minnesota teen drivers ed course teaches you to prevent and handle dangerous situations on the road.

    We're the only school in the country that is approved by the Road Safety Educators' Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas. Join more than 11 million drivers who have learned to drive safely with eDriving.com!

    The price of our Minnesota book course is $99, about the same as two tanks of gas. Compared to the money you'll spend buying, maintaining, and insuring a vehicle, drivers ed is an unbeatable one-time investment for drivers.

    Taking drivers ed is a smart decision that many insurance providers reward: you can earn an insurance discount by taking our course. Add up the savings over time, and you'll see that Minnesota teen drivers education is an investment that pays for itself. Order our drivers ed book course today!