Guinness Record-Holders Drive Mini Cooper Cars

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Mini Coopers and their drivers never cease to surprise. They both regularly replenish The Guinness Book of World Records with new gripping achievements. One of them is parallel parking in the tightest spot. Car enthusiasts drove a Mini Cooper and parked it into a designated area in realistic parking conditions, except that the parking spot was just a few inches longer than the car itself. To see how it looked and to watch other record holders drive Mini Cooper cars in their stunts, check out the videos below!

The Guinness world record for parking was set by two brothers John and Alastair Moffat, who drove a Mini Cooper Mayfair. They parked in a spot  only 5.16 inches longer than the car. This unbelievable parking job was done last December in England.

Another tour de force of nearly impossible parking came from Han Yue, Chinese master driver. The driver drifted into a space just 5.91 inches longer than his Mini Coupe.

Being super-fast and super-accurate at parallel parking would be a very helpful skill to have, considering that the conditions the stunt drivers are parking in are so close to the harsh reality of constricted downtown parking.

Creativity is endless, and possibilities are immeasurable for many of the professional drivers who manage to do incredible things with their cars. Who would ever think that, besides parking and driving, you can use your car as sporting equipment? French sportsman Guerlain Chicherit uses a Mini Countryman as skis and completes a back-flip on a snowy ramp.

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