Drivers Ed Diary: Entry 1

[Written by Contributing Writer Grace Keller, who will be keeping an ongoing drivers ed diary for us, detailing her experiences going through one of our online drivers ed courses]

I’m currently on Lesson #2–Signs, Signals, and Markings–of my online driver’s ed course. In this lesson, I’ve been learning all about different road markings, right-of-way laws, traffic control devices, and of course, all types of road signs. Until now, I didn’t even know that they were separated into three distinct categories–regulatory, guide, and warning. The further into my online course I’m getting, the more confident I feel about going out onto the road. Even though my course is online and not in a traditional classroom, I’m still getting all of the vital knowledge I need as a teenage driver.

teen using laptop to write a driver's ed diary

Working on the drivers ed diary.

Lesson #1 taught me about how being allowed to drive is not a right, it’s a privilege. It also taught me all about being an organ donor and the benefits of it, how to get and keep a drivers license, and how to take financial responsibility as a teen driver. My mom was extremely impressed when I told her about all I’ve learned so far taking this course–I think it’s making her feel much better about letting me drive with her in the car.

Did you know that over 98,000 people nationally are on a waiting list for organ and tissue donation? I’m definitely going to be an organ donor when I can finally take the behind-the-wheel test to get my drivers license. I may not have even known about this option if it hadn’t been for the great information I’m getting from doing my course.

I’m glad I chose to take my drivers ed course online, since I’m always so busy between school, extracurriculars, and social activities like hanging out with my friends. I’ll also never have to worry about making up a class if I miss it, since I get to decide when I start each lesson! Even just a couple lessons in, I’m already seeing the benefits of getting to choose where and when I do my classes, along with what pace it goes at. I usually tend to prefer a much slower pace, so that I can fully understand what I’m being taught, but has proven to explain things so well, with all of its visuals, like videos and pictures, and its end-of-lesson tests, that I hardly ever need to worry about whether or not I’m processing all of the information. is preparing me for going out on the road by simulating real-life driving situations that I might run into, and asking me questions on how I would conduct myself in dealing with them.

I’ve hardly gotten into the course yet, but I know the further I get into it, the better it’ll be! I’m already so excited to use this knowledge in my everyday life, whether it be learning how to drive on the roads, helping out a friend who has also started their driving education, or who knows–maybe even giving my mom some reminders and pointers on what I see with my view from the backseat !

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