7 Awesome Car Accessories to Gift this Holiday Season

When you’re opening gifts during the holidays, it’s easy to spot the vehicle lovers in the room. Instead of canvassing the back of a cool new gizmo or ranting about how long they’ve wanted a particular gift, they’re opening an identical set of wrenches they received the year before. As a gift buyer, you may not know which types of gifts they will appreciate or find useful.  

For this reason, DriversEd.com, the leading online drivers ed provider in the U.S., has compiled a list of 7 sought-after gifts that every driver will appreciate this holiday season.   

What to Remember When Gifting Car Accessories

While you’re shopping, you may find a gift that your driver will absolutely love, but some car accessories can be more dangerous than they are useful. A car accessory should have all of the following qualities to render it safe for daily use. 

  • Does not obstruct the driver’s vision
  • Will not distract the driver while operating the vehicle
  • Can not become loose or detached while driving

The driver training and safety experts at DriversEd.com have made some excellent points in this article about car accessories and distractions while driving. If there’s a chance a gift can become unsafe in a vehicle, it should not be used.  

1. Complete Emergency Roadside Kit

This emergency kit is perfect for almost any roadside emergency and many drivers forget the importance of packing these inside of their vehicle. It features several roadside assistance tools, first aid essentials, and other survival-preparation items. The complete 185-piece kit can be purchased here for around $140. 

2. Full Car Wash and Detailing Kit

Keeping the exterior and interior of a vehicle clean comes second-hand to maintaining its working performance. Drivers who love their car will appreciate the sheen of their vehicle after they’ve used this complete car cleaning and detailing kit. If this sounds like something your driver will find handy, you can purchase it here for around $50. 

3. All-In-One Dashboard Recorder and Backup Camera

Since most aftermarket cameras can cause accidents while driving, it's better to give your driver a distraction-free option. The digital, touchscreen-interfaced screen can be turned off while driving to be used as a standard reflective rear-view mirror while simultaneously recording footage. While parked or slowly backing up, the built-in picture can be referenced to avoid reverse collisions. It can be purchased here for around $80. 

4. Blindspot Sideview Mirrors

Most vehicles lack proper blind-spot detection to avoid passing vehicle collisions on the interstate. These wide-vision blind spot mirrors can be easily installed to the corners of side-view mirrors and make an excellent stocking stuffer for your avid driver. You can find them here for only $10.

5.  Remote Car Starter

Walking outside to heat up a vehicle or scrape ice off the windows is a truly unpleasant and time-consuming experience for every driver. This complete remote-start installation kit includes panic and lock mode safety features with a shut-off timer. The kit can be purchased here for $55.  

6. Custom Universal-Fit Mud Flaps

Road salt, mud, dirt, and debris can quickly wear away at the paint behind a vehicle’s wheel wells and may pose the risk of damage to other vehicles. Your driver will absolutely love these ultra flexible, stylish and easy-to-install mud flaps. Buy a full custom set here for under $130. 

7. Custom Stitched-On Steering Wheel Cover

If your driver absolutely must have a steering wheel cover, it should be stitched directly on to prevent a loose fit. This incredibly sleek steering wheel cover is available in several color variations to fit any interior look. You can find several different kits and styles here for as low as $60.

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