• Driving in a city like Orlando is a unique experience. The tourist driven economy causes local population explosions at certain parts of the year, and that means increased road traffic and accidents. Here are some tips for safe driving in Orlando.

    1. Remain aware of your surroundings:
      Although Orlando is a clean and safe city, criminals are known to prey on unsuspecting tourists who may not know where to turn for help. At night, try your best to stay away from areas that are poorly lit or deserted areas. Stay with the crowd if it is at all possible and attempt to stay in familiar settings. Looking uncertain or confused may send the wrong signal to thieves.
    2. Do not hesitate to ask for directions when lost:
      The best way to be prepared is to know where you are going in advance. If you are a visitor to Orlando, a good place to start is at your car rental agency. The folks manning the counters will have the tools to assist you in finding your way. Car rental agencies no longer mark their cars with corporate logos; this is meant to deter thieves from targeting visitors. So make sure you are familiar with the car you are driving before you place it in a parking lot and note the location where you park.
    3. Know the difference between local and visiting drivers; be patient and use caution:
      Visiting drivers will often be involved in looking at maps or written directions. This may be frustrating at times, but if you remain alert and cautious of this fact, many potential hazards can be avoided. Be aware of the speed limit and follow all posted signs. Use defensive driving skills in areas that are heavily populated with tourists.
    4. Know about Orlando's unique weather conditions & drive accordingly:
      As you probably know, thunderstorms and rain showers are frequent occurrences in Florida. Roads are extremely slick with oil during these storms and driving is dangerous. If you find yourself needing to drive in the rain, reduce your speed, increase the distance between your vehicle and those around you, and remain cautious. This will reduce the chance of a collision.

    If you want to stay safe in Orlando, follow the same common sense guidelines that you would in any other state. Follow the rules of the road, stay alert, and using defensive driving skills. If you are unsure about proper driving techniques in Florida, take a review course at Driversed.com.

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