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Is there a real option for Texas teen online drivers ed? The answer may surprise you! For many years teens and their parents in Texas were able to work on drivers education together. Parents just needed to request the needed forms from DMV, wait for the forms to arrive, then find the approved Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed online course, like ours, and start teaching their teenager state rules and laws and the basics of driving safety. But teens who wanted to study on their own were out of luck!

Texas teen online drivers ed

Things have changed, though, and is now offering an exciting new course , brought into being specially for busy parents. Now parents don’t have to be around their teens every minute of that teen’s drivers education course. From now on students are allowed to do all the work on their own with’s teen online drivers ed course. So, now students can work on 32 hours of interactive lessons, practice assignments and tests on their free time, regardless of their parents’ busy schedule. As always, makes sure the lessons are dynamic and fun: 3D animated demos, activities, videos, and a wide variety of engaging quizzes throughout the course to help students focus on important details. And, of course, with our online course, students have round-the-clock access to their account and our entire course.

Best of all, in-car training can be started after completing the first 6 hours of the Texas teen online drivers ed course!

We are proud to mention that is the only provider of a student-driven online course in Texas. Dear beginner drivers, try our new Texas teen online drivers ed course and let us know, what you think.