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California AB 60 Facebook Group A new California law, called AB 60, now allows the DMV to issue drivers licenses to California residents who can not provide documentation of their immigration status. The response has been tremendous, with the DMV administering nearly half a million–that’s million –new exams since January 2!

However, just 57,000 California AB 60 drivers licenses have been issued so far, in part due to a pass rate for Spanish-language tests of only 36%.

That’s why we’ve introduced our California AB 60 Centro de Información ! We want this to be the definitive source of information and help for anybody and everybody who seeks an AB 60 drivers license. It’s a Spanish-language page, with the following helpful resources:

  • California AB 60 Drivers License Factsheet: A one-page guide to getting an AB 60 license.
  • Free Practice Tests: Prepare to take the DMV’s written exam with these practice tests. The questions are real questions asked by the DMV, so there’s no better way to prepare for the test.
  • Useful Links: There are many good resources out there, but some of what’s out there isn’t so good. We’ve collected a few of the very best items to help California residents earn an AB 60 license.

Best of all, we’ve set up a facebook community for people to ask questions, talk about their experiences, and connect with other people who are seeking their AB 60 drivers license.

At DriversEd.com, we’ve been the leader in online driver education since we launched our California driver education course way back in 2002. We take enormous pride in helping people of any age learn how to drive safely, and we strive to help people work through the process of earning their first license. it is generally a complicated process, and we are dedicated to helping drivers get through it safely and successfully.

As the leaders in online driver education, and as a proud California company, we are committed to preparing all kinds of drivers in our community to be the best, safest drivers they can be. We are providing these AB 60 resources as a 100% free service to ensure that as many people as possible have access to them. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us in the comments, on facebook , or by email, at AB60DriversEd.com .