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Safety Control Driving School
League City TX 77573


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  • Reviews for Safety Control Driving School

    • Published 5/20/2014 5:20 AM

      Brandy S.

      This is the most unprofessional business I've encountered in a while. The one good thing I can say about this business is that my daughter liked the instructor. As far as proximity, it was convenient because it was close to home and the hours were perfect since it was right after school. Upon registering my daughter, the receptionist told me if I paid the entire amount up front then the $10 drive fee would be included. My daughter took the classes and all was well until the class portion was finished and it was time to schedule the drive time. We called the office to schedule the times and were directed to a website to schedule. We did as instructed and filled out a profile on-line. After such, I still had to call the office because there were no scheduled drive times on the company calendar to choose from. The receptionist assured me they would be adding new drive times within the next day or two. After a couple of days, I tried to schedule times again and was still unable as the website now stated that I had to pay my $10 fee. I called the company again, and explained that when we registered I paid the amount in full so the $10 fee was supposed to be included. The receptionist explained that she wasn't sure who told me that, but that was false information and I had to pay the $10, regardless. She was apologetic about it; and mind you, it's just $10 bucks - which I can easily afford; however, I still felt cheated. If a company tells me a price before I do business with them; I expect that company to honor the quoted price. So, I went ahead and paid the $10. I gave them two days to receive the fee paid on-line; went on-line to schedule and again, there were no times to choose from. I called the business, yet again, and the receptionist manually scheduled times (which they hadn’t uploaded to the site yet) for my daughter to drive the following week. I thought we were finally on track, but when we showed up the following week for my daughter’s first driving lesson, the owner walks out to my car and proceeds to apologize and tell me that he had to cancel all driving lessons because of problems with the instructors. He explained that he was in the process of getting new instructors. This is fine; I understand that some problems with staff are out of a company’s control; however, what WAS in his control, was to call us and let us know that he cancelled our driving lesson BEFORE we showed up at his business for the lesson. At this point; we are 3-1/2 weeks out from finishing the class portion and still no drive lessons even scheduled. I'm at the point where they can keep the measly $10; and I will teach my daughter the drive portion myself….which was the whole point of me putting her in the school in the first place…so someone else could drive with her before I started to…I was afraid I would make her nervous. Needless to say...we definitely will not be doing business with this company again. My youngest daughter is due to get her driver's permit in a year and I can guarantee it will not be here. I'm a very laid back person and it takes a LOT for me to waste more of my time writing reviews on a bad business; however, had I read something on this company prior to doing business I would have went elsewhere myself, so hopefully this review will save other parents some frustration.

    • Published 8/20/2013 10:50 AM


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