• Transportation is one of the hottest issues in modern society. Most people work or study outside of the walking distance from their homes. Public transportation offers a limited solution to commuting problems in large cities, but it offers virtually no relief for rural areas. That is why driving has become necessity for the majority of drivers. When spending hours behind the wheel, we often forget the dangers driving may pose if not approached with due caution. Statistics show that every year, hundreds of people die on Nevada roads. In 2003, there were 368 crash-related fatalities. Approximately 11,000 other people were injured.

    The most astonishing fact of all is that more that 80 percent of all accidents result from errors made by drivers. Drivers who are distracted by cell phones or kids on the back seat. Drivers who do not maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. Drivers who do not know how avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

    That is why the Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that all drivers learn how to drive defensively. Defensive driving teaches you how to anticipate dangerous situations before they arise and take steps to avoid them. Driving defensively means driving in the way that will allow you to make up for the mistakes of other drivers on the road and avoid being involved in a collision due to these mistakes.

    In most cases, a court order is what it takes to make a driver go through a defensive driving course. However, you should not wait until you are ordered to take a course. The main benefit of taking the course that you will become a better driver and lessen your chance of becoming a statistic. You can also actually save money by taking the course. Most insurance companies will provide course graduates with a substantial discount for a number of years. So, if improving your chances of survival on the road does not sound like a convincing reason for taking the course, do it for the sake of saving some extra money.

    There are numerous driving schools that offer defensive driving courses. Most traditional schools will require you to spend your weekend behind a desk. However, there are now online driving schools that offer these services. The main advantage of online courses, such as the one offered at webtrafficschool.com, is that you can take the course from the convenience of your home. You do not have to complete the whole course in one sitting; you can split it into a number of study sessions, as you are not restricted by time. Online courses are also much cheaper then the conventional driving school.

    As you can see, defensive driving courses can be profitable to you. More importantly, they may save your life one day. So do not blame your lack of time or high prices for failing to learn how to drive defensively.

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