California In-Car Driving Lessons

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Mistakes to Avoid on Your California Behind-the-Wheel Test

Getting your drivers license is a major milestone that comes with great freedom, but also great responsibility. Some young drivers are so focused on passing their driving test that getting their license can feel like the climax of their driving journey when, in fact, it's just the beginning.

While preparing for your driving test is important, young motorists should really be focused on learning the skills they'll need for a lifetime of safe driving. One of the best ways to do this is to complete a California behind-the-wheel training program.

In California, all teen drivers are required to take at least six hours of behind-the-wheel driving lessons before they can apply for their license. When it comes to driving, however, more practice makes for more confident and safer motorists.

What Is California Behind-the-Wheel Training?

As the name implies, behind-the-wheel training consists of sessions where you practice your driving skills with a trained instructor next to you in the front seat. Typically, the instructor will have a brake pedal, gas pedal and steering wheel in front of them so that they can take control of the vehicle if necessary. This allows the instructor to demonstrate maneuvers, serves to keep both passengers safe and offers a little reassurance for anxious students.

Instructors can help you learn the maneuvers you'll need to know for your DMV-administered driving test, as well as skills and behaviors that will help make you a safer driver.

Though California requires all teen drivers to complete just six hours of behind-the-wheel training, but most schools allow drivers to schedule additional sessions if they'd like to work on specific skills or just get more comfortable in the driver's seat. California behind-the-wheel training can be especially beneficial for nervous drivers who are worried about driving in certain conditions including inclement weather and heavy traffic.

How Does California Behind-the-Wheel Training Work?

Teen drivers have the option of taking their required behind-the-wheel training class at their public or private high school, or through a state-licensed driving school.

When choosing where you'll complete your California behind-the-wheel training, keep in mind that all driver's education programs are not created equal. Consider completing your training with a respected national brand like has more than 25 years of experience providing drivers education taught by patient and practiced instructors. It's the only school in the state that offers a program approved by the Road Safety Educators Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas. Not only that, but its students get to drive stylish (and safe) vehicles, like MINI Coopers and Mazda3s.

What Are the Benefits of Behind-the-Wheel Training?

Behind-the-wheel training will teach you valuable skills that will serve you for years to come. Quality driving schools, like, tailor their lessons to the needs of each individual student so that you can rest assured you'll learn the skills you'll need to feel comfortable during your driving test and confident on the road.

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