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  • Approved in most AZ Courts for ticket dismissal
  • Available 24/7 on any device
  • 100% online — save time and money
  • Prevent points on insurance increases
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Fix Your Ticket with Court-Approved Traffic School

Arizona Online Traffic School saves you from wasting your time in a boring classroom. With, fulfill your traffic school requirement and clear your record online, on your own time. We teach exactly what classroom based Arizona Traffic School does, only we allow you the freedom to take the course from any computer with internet access. Yup, that means you can take your laptop to any wi-fi zone—the park, your favorite coffee shop, even get a pedicure!—while you complete Arizona Online Traffic School. By law, the course has to take at least four hours, but can't take more than four and half! You'll be done in no time!

See if your citation type is eligible for our Arizona Traffic School by checking this list of eligible violations.Your citation must be for a minor non-criminal moving violation [tickets that are the result of a collision involving serious injury or death are not eligible for this course]. Arizona requires all traffic school participants to complete the course at least 7 days prior to their court date. Participants must also send a copy of their drivers license, as well as their citation, to after they’ve registered for the course. CDL drivers license holders are not eligible for dismissal.

Note: The court allows drivers to dismiss only one ticket every 12 months (citation date to citation date). For more information, contact the Arizona Supreme Court at 888-334-5565.

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Defensive Driving in Arizona

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The total cost of the course includes a school fee of plus a state fee of $24*, a state surcharge of $45, and a court diversion fee.

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  • Learn the most up-to-date defensive driving methods to help ensure you stay ticket free!
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An Arizona defensive driving course—often referred to as Arizona traffic school—doesn't have to be a burden. With, our court-approved online traffic school and defensive driving courses save you time and money, and let you work from the comfort of your own home.

Your final course fee will depend on your individual court. charges for our complete course and the state of Arizona charges $24.00* for state fees and $45.00 for state surcharges.

Our process is simple: log in, log out, go and live your life— gets you through your defensive driving course when it's convenient for you, from any computer with Internet access! is the fastest, easiest way to improve your defensive driving skills, and above all, get rid of that ticket because we offer traffic school online in Arizona.

Online traffic school and a clear driving record couldn't get any easier in Arizona. Don't wait!

On the Road to Self-Improvement

Why learn defensive driving? Well, the skills taught in traffic school's defensive driving courses offer techniques to stay safe on the road in Arizona. And the safer you are, the safer everyone else is, too! has successfully graduated thousands of online traffic school students from all over the country because our courses are designed by education and traffic school specialists with the goal of making defensive driving fun and easy to understand.

All on your own time, gives you critical defensive driving information, interactive traffic school activities, and important driving safety movies. Best of all, course lets YOU be in control. Pause your online traffic school course, review the material, take your time, and learn to apply your new defensive driving skills so you can avoid taking traffic school again!

Refund Policy

*It is important to us that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you change your mind about the course, we'll refund the full cost of the course purchased on our website within thirty (30) days of purchase. Refunds will only be issued if the course has not been started. We will issue your refund within thirty (30) days of your request.

*Per state law, once the course has been started and payment has been submitted to the Arizona Defensive Driving Tracking System, refunds are limited to school fees. Refunds for Court and State fees are honored at the discretion of the court; to petition for a refund for Court and State fees, please contact the court of jurisdiction that issued your citation.

*The state fee for citations issued prior to Jan. 1, 2019, will be $20.