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Burleson Driving Academy
North Richland Hills TX 76180


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  • Reviews for Burleson Driving Academy

    • Published 8/27/2019 12:22 PM

      Christopher poirier

      Warning! If your child is at the age of going through driving school avoid Burleson driving school! On 8.2 we booked and paid in full our daughter's course. The class was to start 8.26 at 6pm, they called 37 minutes, yes, 37 minutes before class was to start to cancel the entire booking and to reschedule until 9/23. Reason was not enough kids (3). I get that, don’t like it, but I understand. What I don’t understand is how anyone thinks it’s appropriate to cancel a class 37 minutes prior to a student starting! You knew this 5 hours ago, you knew yesterday, you knew it last week, you knew it two weeks ago! Their own contract said if I don’t give them 24-hour notice of missed appointment they’re going to charge me $40, glad to see the contract works both ways!! THANK YOU Judy at Alliance driving school for saving the day!! For a bit more money they are allowing our daughter to join their class tomorrow and do the catch up from missed class today. I requested to speak with the owner, apparently, that isn't possible... So I was given a general inbox number. I emailed the inbox and requested they call. No response! so when they opened the next day I called again, the employee was not willing to help and hung up, so I went there, she then called the police. (I was very chill simply stated I need the phone number for the owner if you cant help me.) So the police came, I explained my situation, and after hitting the same walls I ran into the police quickly figured out my issue. They requested a phone number, was denied, they requested proof of refund, no such paperwork exists. Police told her we need something, told him the refund process takes 4 weeks and wrote a message on the top of my contract (which they breached) "Refund process started 8.27.

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