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Cascade Circle Inc
Redding CA 96002


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  • Reviews for Cascade Circle Inc

    • Published 7/24/2011 1:27 PM

      Shari Boudreau

      Please remove my post. All is taken care of and new CDL issued. thank you.

    • Published 3/6/2011 1:19 PM

      Shari Boudreau DOC#03CTR7684

      I moved bk to Ventura CA in 2003 after the DUI -I called spoke with Sheila Clark, a sweetheart, she helped me transfer my DUI classes to Ventura, I took the class but fell short on paying. I obtained my license in 10/02, so the one I had was good til 2007 -I did my 3 months as Sheila's letter mailed to me specified. Last year. The $449.00 bal, which changed to $650.00, was paid in 9/2010. I went to get my license and the DMV said I have to complete 6 months of classes. I have, since last October, been trying to find SOMEONE to assist me in this. Shasta Ct shows 3 months school, I completed and paid this off, now I'm in a "Catch 22" - I'm told by DMV to contact you, and have tried phoning many times to no avail. PLEASE...Someone help? Email me what needs to be done? If it should have been 6 months, 7 years later, what happened and why was I given incorrect info, if it's not correct, and it's 3 months, WHY does the DMV refuse to deal with me. If I have to do 3 months, again, 7 years later, I'm really going to loose faith in our California systems, DMV included. Thank you and I await your immediate response, please.

    • Published 3/16/2007 3:37 AM

      Murray Hagler

      Cascade Circle, Inc. is a great school for the state mandated requirements. I have been involved with several different schools in the past. Not that I'm proud of this. Now, Ca.DMV on the other hand. I had to go back to Ca. from Maine to do an 18 month course. You would think that these states, that are "United", would accept courses from other states, but they don't. "Ray" from DMV mau has been a victim of racial inequality all of his life, so if your white, don't ask him for help. HE is a liar. I hope that requirements between states are never accepted. Because this will show just one more aspect of how faulty the U.S. is. I had gone from perp. to victim within the first year of the past five. Breaking news: I make a poor victim. Because there are no formal "charges" that I can bring up against "the system", it will have to sustain a lack of "discovery". That has been the worst part of the system of justice since the twelve tribes,- "unsurety".

    • Published 3/9/2007 10:26 AM

      Greg T. Smith

      I was enrolled in your in your DUI 3 month diversion program in Trinity County and then transfered to Siskiyou County. I am currently @ the veterans domicillary in West LA CA. In a drug and alcohol treatment program. I am contacting Trinity County Courts to inform them of my current status as I am requesting that this program meets and even goes beyound your requiremnts. Please contact me via E-Mail. I live in Callahan, Ca.

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