Driving Safety: The Witty Signs of Manali-Leh Highway

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Getting ready for a road trip in another country can be a challenging procedure, especially if the trip is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Who will be driving? What car is better for the local roads? And how to ensure driving safety? Let’s take one Himalayan road as an example.

So, if you were going to travel in the Himalayas, you should be aware of a lot of factors , such as:

Knowing the best time to visit : Many people claim that best time to go there is April to September to avoid heavy snowfalls, blizzards and closed routes.

- What to carry with you : Depending on the activities you’re planning to do, you might need equipment such as trekking shoes, rain coats, and fresh food from the markets, which are close to the mountain districts.

What to stay away from : Speeding on the roads; long hiking trails, especially on high altitudes; large trekking groups; not knowing the area where you are going to.

Rules and regulations , particularly on dangerous mountain roads. One road is called Manali-Leh Highway. It is the second highest road in the world, with an average elevation of 13,000 ft. Besides its stunning beauty, the road is very well known for dangerous curves, hazardous avalanches, and easily changing road conditions. So, travelers should not forget about safe driving during the whole trip. And guess who will give you helpful tips on Manali-Leh? Traffic signs! And these are not the usual signs you’d see in other places!