What Safe Driving Resolutions Are You Making for 2018?

Most of us spend a great deal of time in our car. And frankly, we may not always drive as courteously or safely as we should, which puts ourselves and others in danger. As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, let’s resolve to actively curb dangerous driving behaviors.

Not a fan of making resolutions? We totally understand. However, accidents are on the rise; 94% of road incidents are caused by driver decisions and attitudes behind the wheel. Most of us also don’t realize this, and take our safety in the driver’s seat for granted. As you begin making plans for 2018, ensure your safety and pledge to be mindful, cautious, and courteous behind the wheel.

Here’s a list of recommended common-sense, safe driving resolutions to get you started:

DUI Prevention

  • “I resolve not to drink any alcohol or take any impairing drug or medication if I’m going to be driving.”
  • “I resolve not to ask anyone who has been drinking, ‘Are you okay to drive?’, because I know that they really aren’t.”
  • “I resolve not to knowingly let anyone drive buzzed, drunk, or drugged.”
  • “I resolve to stay sober if I am the designated driver, even if I’m offered free drinks.”

Mobile Devices

  • “I resolve to focus on the road and not text or talk on my cell phone while driving.”
  • “I resolve to not call or text anyone when I think they may be driving.”
  • “I resolve to turn off my phone or put it out of reach when I’m driving so that I don’t get distracted.”

Safe Driving

  • “I resolve to require everyone, myself included, to buckle up before every ride, day or night.”
  • “I resolve not to be a rebel on the road, to follow speed, red light, safe turns and all other traffic laws.”
  • “I resolve to be a courteous commuter and a well-mannered motorist.”
  • “I resolve to share the road safely with motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.”

We challenge all our safe driving readers to pick three resolutions from this list to work on throughout 2018. You, too, can help make U.S. roads safer for all this coming year.

Source: California Office for Traffic Safety

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