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Benefits of Taking Texas Behind-the-Wheel Training

In Texas, all license applicants who are under 18 are required to complete a behind-the-wheel driver training course. Though this may sound like just another item on the list of license requirements, it can actually be incredibly beneficial to young drivers.

Texas behind-the-wheel training, while useful for any motorist, can be especially helpful when it comes to getting comfortable in the driver's seat. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of taking Texas behind-the-wheel training.

It Helps Prepare You for Your Road Skills Exam

For many teens, taking their driving test is a stressful experience. Completing behind-the-wheel training lessons, however, can help prepare you for the big day.

During your test, you'll be expected to demonstrate skills like passing, turning, parking and backing. Those are all maneuvers that you'll practice during your lessons. If you take your behind-the-wheel classes from a professional driving school, your instructor will have a thorough knowledge of the road skills exam and prepare you accordingly. They'll also be sure to instill the defensive driving mentality that your examiner will be looking for on the day of your driving test.

You'll Be Able to Practice Skills You Need Help With

For new motorists in particular, there are certain aspects of driving that can be especially daunting. For example, some drivers are intimidated by city or freeway driving. If you take behind-the-wheel lessons from a professional driving school, like DriversEd.com, however, your instructor will know how to help you feel more comfortable in those conditions.

DriversEd.com instructors will make sure your lessons are appropriate for your skill level. You can also let them know if you want to work on specific maneuvers. While there are lots of private driving schools to choose from, DriversEd.com is the only one in the state to offer a driver's education program that's approved by the Road Safety Educators Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas. Over the last 25 years, DriversEd.com instructors have helped more than 6 million students improve their driving skills. Plus, if you sign up for behind-the-wheel lessons from DriversEd.com, you instructor will pick you up in a sweet ride, like a MINI Cooper or Mazda3.

You'll Become a Safer Driver

While the most immediate benefit of behind-the-wheel training may be the boost it gives you during your road skills exam, the long term benefits may be even more important. Proper behind-the-wheel training can set you up for a lifetime of safe driving.

In 2016, a reportable crash took place in Texas every 57 seconds. Learning good defensive driving skills can help prevent you from being part of that statistic ... plus, it can make good financial sense. Safe drivers - those who don't cause accidents or get tickets - typically pay lower insurance premiums and avoid paying pricey deductibes.

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