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With the cost of driving an automobile on the rise, it may be good for you to look into money saving methods. Reducing the cost of your car insurance policy is one way to do this. But what are your options? You may be aware of good-student discounts, loyalty discounts, and a variety of other savings choices for your insurance policy, but not know if any of these opportunities are available to you. It's important to ask your insurance agent how you can reduce your premium cost.

One way to receive a discount of up to 10% is to enroll in a drivers education or a defensive driving course. A drivers education course is especially important in the case of teen drivers or others who may expect high insurance premiums. Senior drivers also may have the option of taking a refresher course.

What can you expect from a course like this? Usually, the curriculum includes a review of traffic rules, vehicle handling techniques, laws about licensing and vehicle documentation procedures, and other information that any driver would find useful. The good news is that many of these courses, including the one found at can be taken online whenever you have free time.

Another advantage to using online services is the ability to compare prices. Many insurance providers will let you shop and compare online. This may reduce the cost of your premium even more. Of course, for many this is not a substitute for the in-depth attention that can be provided by a local agent.

It also pays to be a good student. Insurance providers sometimes reduce the price of a policy premium if a student can provide a history of good grades. Some car dealerships also use this type of technique by offering special discounts to recent college graduates.

Of course, the most important element of this equation is communication. Always make sure to talk with your own insurance agent before making any decision.

Completion of the courses could get you an Insurance Discount. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to confirm eligibility for an auto insurance discount.