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Success Driving School
Philadelphia PA 19107


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    • Published 3/22/2012 8:51 PM


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      Absolutely, have you car checked out by a trtsued mechanic before you begin a trip of that length! Your mechanic may very well find problems that while minor now may become serious over a long trip. Be sure you take a gas container with you (EMPTY, please!!); tire gauge, gallon of water, quart of oil (verify with your mechanic the proper grade/weight), pint of brake fluid, quart of transmission fluid, set of funnels, a few rags and perhaps a box of baby wipes to use on your hands if you get grubby, a can of Fix-a-Flat, basic set of wrenches (be sure of whether you need metric or American-sized), twine, tie-down straps (2, at least), check your spare tire and if it is a donut tire purchase a tire in the appropriate size for your vehicle and have it mounted on a new rim (in other words, lose the donut), and a tarp or flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth to lie on if you need to crawl underneath your car for some reason; be sure you know the correct tire pressure for your vehicle, and how to use that tire guage and add air if needed; how to check your oil and water levels if your car seems to be running hotter than normal; and of course, be sure you know exactly how to change a tire if necessary! I would also go ahead and get the oil changed as well, better too early than too late!

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