Dumping on the road

It is sad reality that the landscape is littered with the trash people throw from their vehicles, hiding scenic beauty under a layer of garbage.

NEVER throw garbage from your vehicle. Have pride in where you live and find a trash can.

Adopt a highway sign

Most states' Departments of Transportation have a special program in place to reduce the roadside trash problem.

The Adopt-A-Highway program allows a group to take responsibility for keeping a section of the highway trash-free. Your school group, family, or business name will be put on an official-sign marking your adopted section.

Litter crew ahead sign

The Adopt-A-Highway program provides a way to show pride in your community. Picking up trash along the roadway is an easy, team-building project that takes no financial commitment and only a few hours of work.

Adopt-A-Highway coordinators supply people with safety training, vests, road work signs, and trash bags to help get the job done.