Markings: Colors, Patterns, Meaning

White arrows on the road

WHITE LINES painted on the pavement indicate traffic traveling in your direction.

Broken White Line: you may change lanes if it is safe to do so.

Solid White Line: requires you to stay within the lane and also marks the shoulder of the roadway.

White arrows on the road 2

YELLOW LINES mark the center of a two-way road used for two-way traffic. You may pass on a two-way road if the yellow centerline is broken. When a solid and a broken yellow line are together, you must not pass if you are driving next to the solid line. Two solid yellow lines mean no passing. Never drive to the left of these lines.

Double solid yellow lines

When there are double solid yellow lines.

Double solid yellow lines 2

When a solid yellow line is on your side.

Double solid yellow lines 3

You may pass if movement can be made safely.