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Oklahoma Vehicle Title Transfers

All vehicles driven on Oklahoma public roads are required to be properly titled and registered. When the vehicle is transferred to another owner due to sale, gift, or inheritance, the vehicle owner must notify the Department of Public Safety of this transfer.

When you are selling a vehicle in Oklahoma, you are required to have the following documentation:

  • A properly assigned and notarized Oklahoma certificate of title.
  • Verification form of liability insurance (motor vehicles only), which must be in compliance with Oklahoma requirements.
  • Lien release for any active liens.
  • Current registration.
  • When transferring ownership of a motor vehicle nine years old or newer, a completed odometer disclosure statement is required. This statement is generally incorporated into title certificate ownership assignments. A separate odometer disclosure statement form (Form 729) is available for downloading from the Forms Section of this site.

Certificate of Title

If you are selling a vehicle, you will be required to provide the buyer with a valid Oklahoma title. You are also required to sign the title in the spaces provided and fill in the buyer's personal information. The title must be properly notarized before it can be accepted by the DPS.

Registration and Insurance Verification

The car that is being sold must be properly registered, and you must present proof of a valid liability insurance policy. Salvage or junk titles that are being transferred are excluded from this rule.

Proof of insurance usually comes in the form of an insurance security verification form, such as the vehicle owner’s insurance policy or an individual’s non-owner insurance policy.

Odometer Disclosure

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety keeps track of odometer readings for all vehicles. This measure was implemented to prevent vehicle owners from tampering with the odometer readings. This protects the buyer. If you are selling a vehicle, you must list the odometer reading on the title, in the space provided. If your title does not incorporate the disclosure statement, you must complete a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 729). The disclosure form must be signed by both the seller and the buyer.

Optional Notice of Transfer of Ownership

The seller of the vehicle may also choose to complete and lodge a Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle form with the DPS. The procedure is optional; it serves only to notify the OTC about the sale event. If you choose to complete the notice, you must also get the buyer to sign it before you can file the form.

Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the CO DMV. You can visit the OK DPS website or call the DPS for more information.

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