• As in other states throughout the U.S., all motor vehicles driven on Minnesota public roads must be properly registered and titled. If you are transferring vehicle ownership to another person, the transfer must be properly registered at the Department of Public Safety.

    If you are selling a vehicle, you will be required to gather the following documents prior to the sale event:

    • Official Minnesota Certificate of Title
    • Emission certificate
    • Damage declaration statement
    • Odometer disclosure statement

    The certificate of title must be properly filled out and signed by the seller of the car. If the vehicle has more than one owner, all owners are required to sign the title. The seller of the vehicle is also required to fill in the buyer's personal information. No notarization is required for this procedure. If you do not have a title for the vehicle you are selling, you are required to apply for a duplicate title.

    All titles issued after July 1, 1990, display an emission certification form that must be filled out in full by the seller. The certification is required only for vehicles in the passenger and motorcycle classes. Vehicles that belong to model years of 1967 and older do not require an emission certification.

    According to the Federal Truth in Mileage Act, the seller of the vehicle must disclose odometer readings. This can be done either by filling out a portion of the title, or, if your title was issued prior to 1990, filling out a separate form at the DPS office. The form must be signed by the transferor and the transferee before it is considered valid.

    The title also contains a damage declaration that must be filled out for the cars six years old or newer as calculated from the first day of January of the designated model year. The sale will not be validated by the DPS unless the declaration is present.

    Transfer fees will be calculated by DPS officials upon the presentation of due documents. Please refer to the Minnesota DPS website for more information on title transfers in Minnesota.

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