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    For each friend or family member referred to, you enjoy a 15% commission on any online course he or she buys, and your friend saves 10% off their course. If just 3 friends save 10% off a $99 course, you'll have made a quick $40!

    When you create your free Associate Center account, your email address will be the referral code your friend will need to enter in the discount field when he or she pays.

  • Track your earnings all online. It's simple!

    Your affiliate center will automatically track your commission and even show you where your referrals are located on Google maps. Plus, you can request a pay check any time!

  • How to start earning.

    Create free business cards and handouts with your pre-printed referral code or send an email to friends and family straight from your account.

    You can even let your website work for you with links, banners, or games placed on your site or MySpace account. It's that easy!