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Before making any turn, it is important that you signal. If your vehicle's turn signals do not work, use hand signals. Make up your mind about your turn before you get to the turning point, lower your speed, move to the correct lane and give a turn signal to show your intention.

Everywhere except New York city you're allowed to turn right on a red light. First you will need to stop at the stop line, make sure that you do not interfere with pedestrians, bicyclists, or vehicles moving on their green light, and make a turn.

If a street has a left turn lane, you must use it when you turn left. Turn only when it is safe. When making a U-turn, start the turn from the far left lane on your side. Complete the U-turn in the right lane traveling in the opposite direction. U-turns are not legal everywhere. If you see the sign that prohibits U-turns, if you're on a hilly road, on highway or travelling in bad weather conditions that can obstruct the view, such as rain or fog, you cannot execute a U-turn.