My Teen Is Learning to Drive, Will My Car Insurance Shoot Up?

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If your teen is starting to earn a license, you probably have a lot of questions: Will they be safe? How much is this going to cost? And will your auto insurance rates go up?

With the right drivers education and training, you can help your teen stay safe. But finding cheap car insurance for a young driver can be especially tough. The good news is that if your teen is just starting the drivers education process, your insurance premium won't go up—at least not right away.

During the learners permit phase:
In most states, your teen is covered by your car insurance if they have a learners permit. That means your teen will most likely be covered during drivers education and in-car training.

However, the requirements for car insurance for teens may vary depending on the state you live in and which stage of the process your teen is in. You should check the laws in your state, and it's a good idea to talk to your insurance provider about the details of your plan as well.

After they earn a license:
Once your teen becomes a licensed driver, they will need insurance. There are two options: put your teen on a separate plan or add them to your plan.

Cheap insurance for teens can be hard to find, so your most affordable option is probably to add your teen to your current plan. Unfortunately, that means your premium is probably going to go up, and not completely without reason.

Statistics show that teens get into more crashes than older drivers because of inexperience and risky behavior, so it's no huge surprise that adding a young driver to your car insurance plan can cost you more.

How to Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

Luckily there are a few ways to alleviate the increase in your insurance premium when you add your teen to your car insurance policy.

Make sure your teen takes a drivers ed course. In most states, your teen is required to take to state-approved drivers ed course in order to earn a drivers license. By completing a drivers ed course, your teen may be able to qualify for an auto insurance discount.

Make sure your teen gets good grades. Many auto insurance providers offer a discount on car insurance for young drivers who earn good grades. Your teen may be able to get a good student discount by keeping their GPA up.

Take a defensive driving course. Your insurance provider may give you an insurance discount for taking a defensive driving course or a mature driver improvement course. In some states, the law even requires your provider to give you a mandatory discount if you complete a state-approved course.

Shop around for a better deal. If it's been a while since you shopped for insurance, it's a good idea to look around for a better deal when it's time to add your teen to your plan.